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New Web Project: Reclaiming Beauty:
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Garden in the Cloisters , New York
Discussed in: Garden Guide: New York City pp. 33-37
Cloisters Flowers
[Photo by KPA, August 2012]

I have started a new web project, which I've titled "Reclaiming Beauty."

In the "About" section, I've described it thus:

This is a site which aims to reclaim beauty. It is a group effort, with the vision that it becomes a movement.
Please take a look, make a comment, pass on an idea. Join us.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

"This is complete system failure
and I’m going to get to the bottom of it."

The program Face the Nation interviewed Senator Lindsey Graham this morning about withholding the nomination for the CIA directorship from John Brennan, and the confirmation as secretary of defense of Chuck Hagel until more information is provided about what happened at Benhazi.

Below are quotes from the video (posted above) on Graham's position:
I don’t think we should allow [John] Brennan to go forward for the CIA directorship, [Chuck] Hagel to be confirmed as secretary of defense, until the White House gives us an accounting. Did the president ever pick up the phone and call anyone in the Libyan government to help these folks? What did the president do?
He continues:
I don’t know what the president did that evening. I don’t know if he ever called anyone. This was incredibly mismanaged. And what we know now — this seems to be a very disengaged president. What did he do that night?
This was incredibly mismanaged. What we know now seems to be a very disengaged president.
This is complete system failure and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.
The president was just disengaged and the Department of Defense never launched one airplane to help these folks for seven-and-a-half hours. This is complete system failure, and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.

The above image is of President Barack Obama at a Press Briefing in the White House on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013. He looks as though he hasn't had a full-night's sleep, with red, blood-shot eyes and blue, heavy lids. I wonder what is keeping him up? The Narcissist/Revolutionary-in-Chief is probably more running scared than dwelling on any guilt.


Improving the Name of the "Beauty" Site
"To Reclaiming Beauty"

I have reconfigured my website on beauty and called it "Reclaiming Beauty." Our current situation is more dire than appreciating beauty. We have to reclaim it from the nihilistic, anti-beauty climate that is percolating in our culture. Please support this initiative.


I am raising funds to initiate my project "Reclaiming Beauty."

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I will send a gift, from my own "Trillium Series" designs, for the corresponding contributions:

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Fundraiser for New Project "Reclaiming Beauty"

I am raising funds to initiate my project "Reclaiming Beauty."

Please use the most convenient method to submit the funds:
- Contact me by email, and I can send you my mailing address
- Contact me by email, and I can send you information for direct deposit into my bank
- Use a secured Paypal deposit method by linking to the Donate button on the side

Thank you in advance for your interest.

I will send a gift, from my own "Trillium Series" designs, for the corresponding contributions:

$20 - Brooch/Button

$35 - Note Cards (Pack of ten)

$55 - Mug

$75 - Tote-Bag

$100 - Wall Clock


Friday, February 08, 2013

Male Politicians Kissing Female Politicians

Laura Wood, at The Thinking Housewife, has a post up which she has titled:

When Did Political Figures Start Kissing Each Other?

I think the more accurate question for the corresponding images is:

"Why are male politicians kissing female politicians?"

The two photos Laura has posted are of male politicians kissing female politicians. She has captioned the photos thus:

- "Interior Secretary Nominee Sally Jewell kissing Outgoing Secretary Ken Salazar"

[It is actually the other way around.]

- "Sally Jewell hugging Obama."

[I would venture to say that it is Obama who "initiated" the hug, and Jewell happily responded.]

I think it is a residue of the male instinct to protect females. It is like the combat zone modern-day American soldiers who run after female soldiers trying to save them.

It is also the new era of male politicians kissing their wives in public, and gripping onto their hands as they approach those intimidating crowds and podiums. Romney does it, Obama does it. How about Hilary? It is Bill who does the kissing, even if his wife is politically more important than him.

Former President Bill Clinton introduces,
and kisses, his wife,
Former - through resignation -
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
before her speech at the Clinton Global Initiative
on September 24, 2012.

Male politicians know that politics, like war, is a deadly game. They must instinctively realize that these women are in the line of fire, from voters, from fellow-politicians, and definitely from rivals. Seeing a woman, a matronly, grandmother-type woman, a young, attractive female, or anything in between, will spark their protective instinct.

Of course, in this era of equality, females will go to the end demanding equality, and believing they have achieved it in these moments of high-level assignments. Yet, if the male chauvinism (the kind, protective type) were removed, they would be in the combative fray, like the men, and wouldn't be able to handle it.

In the photo, Obama looks on benevolently and approvingly. Would he have that same expression if the two protagonists were male, and were just (normally) shaking hands? I don't thinks so.

Of course, this is another, documented, visible, reason for not giving females prominent political positions. Their vulnerability will distract some (most?) men.


Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Convoluted Mind of Equality Seekers

View of Museum Gustavianum in Uppsala
Artist, Johan Gustaf, 1756-1820
8 (H) 14 (W) cm (sheet)
Watercolor on paper
[Image Source

The Swedish newspaper which Lars Hedegaard edits, Dispatch International, is temporarily open for the public, without the required fee-paying access. This is to give us a glimpse of Hedegaard's work. Hedegaard is president of the Danish Free Press Society, a branch of the International Free Press Society. I have met Hedegaard twice. Once on a trip to New York to participate in IFPS activities, and another time at a lecture in Toronto.

Hedegaard was recently attacked by an "Arab looking" man. As Diana West recounts, a gunman posing as a deliveryman [it looks like a mail delivery to me] shot Hedegaard on his doorway, but missed. What kind of shooter misses at such close proximity to his target? Nonetheless, no-one is reporting that this "Arab looking" man is a Muslim assassin. Hedegaard is a vocal critic on immigration, and especially immigration of Muslims. He was convicted of hate speech in Denmark, but was acquitted. He lives under the constant threat of assassination like his fellow-Dane cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

Dispatch International has an interesting article on one of its pages (I have reproduced the full article below, but here is the link).
Miserable Swedish skills at the universities
Artilce by Maria Calendar

Gloom and despair rule among the university lectures in Sweden. The language skills of the students are so bad that it is becoming hard, bordering on impossible, to conduct classes.

”Far too many of them simply do not understand what we are saying,” as nine historians of the universities of Uppsala and Linköping write in an opinion piece in the Swedish daily Uppsala Nya Tidning.

Sweden has dropped like a stone in all surveys of language skills conducted over the last 20 years. The alarms have been sounding for a long time, and the lecturers have requested effective reactions, but nothing has been done.

”The reason that we are going public with a verbal emergency call is that the students no longer have the required tool to even absorb humanist science: the language. The majority of the students coming to us from high school haves problems with the language,” the historians write.

Inger Enkvist, professor in Spanish at the University of Lund, knows the problem intimately. She has written several books and opinion pieces about it. In her latest book ”God och dålig utbildning – internationella exempel” (“Good and bad education – international examples”), as recently as last week, she again tries to make people aware of the issue.

"The problems are well-known to the lecturers, and all surveys point in the same direction. Among the skillful as well as among those having a harder time at school, Sweden stands out with declining reading skills, year after year," says Inger Enkvist to Dispatch International.

The problem has several roots, she thinks. One is the public perception of the teaching profession, which has declined so much that it no longer attracts inspired and ambitious teachers. Another is the laissez faire mentality of the 1960s and the 1970s, which provided evidence that no proficiency requirements are demanded of the pupils in primary school or in high school.

"If you merely show up, the demands are fulfilled. It is useless to discuss the quality of university education when the level of primary schools and high schools have been permitted to fall so drastically. It is not unusual that 8th grade pupils have entry-level reading skills. No single teacher can fix that at the university," says Inger Enkvist.

The attitudes of the students also leave a lot to be desired. Many exhibit what Inger Enkvist calls a “primary school mentality”, even at the university. They lie on the benches with their caps drawn down, they are insolent to the teachers, and they come and go as they please.

"It is all about rights, rights, not about the work they themselves need to do.
Effort and responsibilities. They are missing the basic insight that one cannot acquire knowledge without effort. Many students have an entirely flawed perspective."

Many students of immigrant background, young women in particular, are very ambitious and outshine their ethnic Swedish classmates in Swedish skills. But there is also a problem in that one can be admitted to the university by studying “Swedish as a secondary language” at high school. And even passing the mandatory language test to attend university is frequently not sufficient.

"The test is far below what is considered normal high school level. And the Swedish skills of the students are frequently too superficial, the language too simple, to work at university level," says Inger Enkvist.

The future looks gloomy, if one doesn’t urgently improve the Swedish primary and high schools, she thinks. Strengthen the position of the teacher and improve the image of studying, reintroduce discipline work habits and begin to making demands — these are all required actions.

Dispatch International has asked for comments from Minster for Education Jan Björklund, Liberal People’s Party, but his press secretary Eva-Marie Byberg declined the request.
Inger Enkvist, the Spanish professor cited in the above article, neglects to connect the dots. It is not Swedish students who are lacking in...Swedish. As Enkvist herself says: "[T]here is also a problem in that one can be admitted to the university by studying 'Swedish as a secondary language' at high school. And even passing the mandatory language test to attend university is frequently not sufficient."

Enkvist understands the problem is primarily a problem of poor Swedish comprehension from non-Swedish speaking students who haves somehow managed to infiltrate the university. But she throws into the basket: lazy (Swedish) students, insufficiently prepared (Swedish) high school students, unskilled (Swedish) teachers, the (Swedish) laissez faire mentality of the 1960s and 1970s. The blame falls squarely on the Swedish students. I.e. the native-born, white, non-immigrant Swedish. The ambitious immigrants, and especially those ambitious women immigrants, cannot be at fault and cannot be criticized.

I wrote above that Enkvist neglects to connect the dots. More precisely, Enkvist doesn't, cannot, connect the dots. To do so would be to declare that non-Swedish students perform worse than their Swedish counterparts. And that would be racist. And to add to this egalitarian mix (egalitarian for non-Swedes), Enkvist emphatically adds those ambitious immigrant young women (but which ones, and where?).

The university has a long and rich history. According to this site:
In 2007 the Museum Gustavianum celebrated its 10th anniversary. The Gustavianum building is much older. Some sections are from the Middle Ages. It is Uppsala University's oldest preserved building erected in large parts during the 1620s.

The name comes from Gustav II Adolf who donated funds and land for a new university building. Previously, the University was run in a house from
the Middle Ages south west of the Cathedral.
Contemporary view of the university
[Image Source: Dispatch International]

At some point, Westerners are going to have to realize that their countries are being hijacked as they watch, and that so-called representatives like Enkvist are giving them away without a struggle. At some point, Western dignity will have to be resotred.


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"This Country Would Fare Better Without You"

[Image from VFR]

I've reproduced below the full article "Standard Lying Politician" from the View From the Right which was posted on VFR on February 3, 2013 (I got the title for this post from a comment I sent in response to the VFR article). I've included comments by readers, including mine.

Here is Obama engaging in a standard gesture of dishonest politicians: posing for a photograph of himself hunting or shooting at targets, so as to create an image of himself as pro-gun (not to mention as being a regular guy), when in fact he seeks to dismantle gun rights where they really matter: self-defense and resistance to tyranny.

Critics of this PR photo are quoted at length in the New York Post.

- end of initial entry -

February 4

James N. writes:
Anyone who has ever fired a shotgun knows that photo is a fake.
LA replies:
You’ve got to be more specific, monsieur.
James N. replies:
By the time hot gasses are leaving the muzzle of a gun, the equal and opposite reaction (recoil) is at maximum. No one can stand erect, with the comb of a shotgun too high on the shoulder, and not react to the huge force being exerted by the recoil.
LA replies:
And therefore? He was firing a blank?
James N. replies:
Could be a blank (I didn’t think of that), or Photoshop.
John writes:
Those of us who have fired shotguns know that Obama’s pose is an incorrect stand for shooting skeet. If Obama has just fired, why isn’t he showing recoil, such as the cheek wrinkled? The stock pressed into his shoulder? What is the puff of smoke to the right of the muzzle? In an article at American Thinker, an analyst who knows guns lists all the things wrong with the picture of someone who says he likes to go skeet shooting. The author concludes, “All in all, this was staged like everything else in President Obama’s life.”

More than 200 commented on the article. Many are experienced shooters quite critical of the picture and believe the picture was photoshopped.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin, a real woman, shows good form while teaching skeet shooting to her daughter Bristol. Mr. Obama shoots, like, well, Bristol Palin.
Kidist Paulos Asrat writes:
I think you are being generous towards Obama. The more I try to understand him, the more I realize that he is insidiously evil. He wants destruction, and destruction of the white West, in order to give us his utopia.

I think in this regard he is even worse than African black dictators, to whom he has been compared. You could say that black dictators were fighting their rivals, the whites, the best they know how. I don’t think they aimed to destroy their countries. And in some sense, in some historical sense, one could argue that the physical land was theirs.

Obama carries his blackness like some kind of yoke. But he is still an American. Even a black American ought to have some love and respect for his history and the people he lives alongside. The people who created the country in which he lives, and has prospered. Obama is set to destroy his rivals, cleverly and systematically. This means he is out to destroy whites, cleverly and systematically.

Why is he shooting that rifle? Why does he have to show us that image? I think he is running scared. I think he thinks that whites are beginning to see through him, and he has to appease them somewhat. But, it is probably too late for appeasement, and I personally think it is too late.

By the way, I know people like Obama. Black, non-white people who have an evil hate for whites, and who go out of their way to find any possible way to destroy them and their works. It is easier to get away with this in Canada because of the multicultural laws, and the Human Rights Commissions, which are another way of destroying whites. I always say to these people: “Just go back to where you came from.You don’t belong here. You don’t love the country, you don’t wish it well. It would fare better without you.”
LA replies:
I did not mean the description “standard lying politician” to be an exhaustive critique of Obama. I was merely speaking of this photograph. I agree with what you say about him.
Joe R. writes:
Kidist Paulos Asrat wrote:

“I always say to these people: ‘Just go back to where you came from. You don’t belong here. You don’t love the country, you don’t wish it well. It would fare better without you."

Oh dear. If she said that in the UK they would clap her in jail alongside Emma West.

Actually, I've had emails calling me racist for saying these kinds of things. When this continued (and I realized it wasn't some kind of eccentric prankster) I went to the source of these emails, I found it to be a forum mostly frequented by Asians and whites.

Finally, I decided to give these cyber-terrorists their own medicine. I started to reply to their emails with:

"One more email from you and I will track down your identity and report you to the Human Rights Commission for racial harassment."

A report to the HRC by a non-white is taken very seriously. These people knew that, and I received nothing more from them.

I am watching PBS Pioneers of Television program as I write this post, and tonight's focus is The Miniseries. Roots is one miniseries being discussed. At the very end, one of the slaves, George says: "Kunta Kinte, he never forget where he come from. He never forget Africa."

Of course, this is said in the spirit of black racial pride, according to the film, but it speaks of the deep discontent blacks have in America. So I wasn't wrong, or callous, when I say: "You don’t love the country, you don’t wish it well.”

I would say the same to Obama, "You don’t love the country, you don’t wish it well." He cannot go anywhere though, so his dilemma, and his anger, is unresolvable, in his own eyes. I don't know what the solution is for people like Obama, whose deep set discontent is what a large majority of blacks feel. Perhaps humility is their only answer, not the forced and undignified humility that slaves suffered, but the humility that this is all in God's hands.


New Site: Beauty

I have started a new project. It is bigger than a website.

I hope to reclaim beauty from the avant-garde, nihilistic environment that surrounds us. Rather than fight it, I thought I would start a site that would be a study of beauty, a critique of our current beautyless, or anti-beauty, environment, as well as a place to give and receive practical guides and accounts on how to acquire and reclaim the beautiful.

I hope to have a list of regular contributors to the site, who will eventually become part of a bigger movement.

I have called the site simply "Beauty," although I do add a qualifier which says "For Body, Mind and Spirit."

Here are the preliminary stages.



Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Raised Fist of The Revolutionary-In-Chief

Obama's cleverly uses Michelle's aggression to act like the "good guy." Yet, he is following in his politics the exact same dismantling of white society that Michelle is blatantly advocating. His expression above is a benevolent cringing at the loud vocals probably emitting from Michelle. Yet, she clearly behaves this way because he never tells her to stop. He wants her to behave like this. Their private conversations must be full of raised fists.

I saw this image of the Obamas and their raised fists while searching images on my Michelle Obama "fashion" posts, but I didn't want to detract too much attention away from Michelle's aggressive personality as seen through her clothes.

This is what I wrote about her:
Perhaps her real persona is the aggressive militaristic, black power one, where she is following her smart husband's intentions, which he is reticent to disclose to us.
In an email exchange with Jeanette Victoria, this is what I said about the Obamas:
I can actually see her turning ugly. Is that why Obama is so nice to here - kissing her in public, and all those intimate dances during their parties? And he also needs her irrational (black power) anger, since he's not going there in the same way. He's smartly sticking to "politics."
And in an email to Laura Wood of The Thinking Housewife I wrote:
By the way, Jeanette's Star Wars analogy with Michelle's entrance sparked my follow up post on Michelle. And there is much there besides a pictorial one (e.g. Obama's underlying aggression, and Michelle as his female Captain).
The email conversation with Jeanette turned to evil characters in current films (I had done a blog post on a film referencing Little Red Riding Hood and which turned into some kind of were-wolf rapist story.

Jeanette writes:
Check out Lost Girl it's a Canadian show.
I replied:
I missed that! Actually, I don't have the cable channel Showcase.

So this is one of those girly, super-heroine, "mysterious" beings, who just wants "The Truth." And Good for the world! I wonder when the wolf (the bad white male) will show up. Of course if he shows up as a black male, she would forgive him, and even hook up with him, as Larry Auster keeps showing us.
Laura has this image up in a post which she titles The Revolution Lives.

James N., a reader of her site writes:
They [the Republicans] are constantly stuck down in the weeds arguing details, details about which Obama cares not at all. Obama is a visionary, he has his eyes on the prize (the destruction of America), and for him all the twists and turn of the political process are simply means to an end.
James N. is being sarcastic when he calls Obama "a visionary." But I think Obama takes his role of changing America, and he surely calls himself "A Revolutionary."


My Friend Muni

When I used to teach English as a Second Language, I had a friend called Muni, or at least she wanted to befriend me. For some reason, I was wary of her. I found her zealous attempts to reform the ESL program to be too aggressive. And she wasn't as good as she thought she was; I covered a few classes for her and saw her teaching method (I would insist that she give me her lesson plan since I was't going to improvise).

She was a singer, and performed Indian songs with her husband . "We are artists," she told me. Her program always included and "some western songs to make the audience happy" she said. She had musical talent, but her voice was too weak for performance. She invited me to a few of her concerts, including one Eid performance. She was Muslim.

Those days, I was just beginning to understand the slow incursion of Islam into Canadian society. One Ethiopian Muslim, who also worked in my building (he "counselled" "new comers"), once sat me down and lectured me on how the Ethiopian Amhara (the group I come from) mistreated other ethnic groups, including Muslims. I knew his version of Ethiopia's past was wrong, but listened anyway. I didn't have the language or enough knowledge to argue with his adamant lecturing. But I think he lectured me so that I would be a mouthpiece and relate his views to my family, rather than any strong urge to "convert" me. He never wanted an Amhara mingling with his Somali/Oromo tribe.

Canada was also just beginning to embrace multiculturalism with a vengeance, which in my naive way I rejected, and Muslims were going through all kinds of petitions, political and otherwise, it include Muslim holidays in the official calendar. But, it was more insidious, since they were also working on eliminating Christian references, including the infamous "War on Christmas."

Muni always wore long skirts and loose blouses, with flat shoes. I thought it was some musician/artist thing. It looked gauche, like someone going for some look, but ended up looking a little odd. But she never dressed in these "western" clothes for her concerts, rather she wore glittering Indian saris. Her husband, with whom she performed, wore Nehru style shirts to these performances. I think her everyday clothes were her attempt at covering her body in accordance with Muslim dress codes. For her performances, she went back to her Indian (she was Bangladeshi) roots, and wore the beautiful saris. I think her audience expected this of her, despite their Muslim background. Sometimes (very, very few times), culture trumps religion.

They had two children: a son and a daughter.The son was about sixteen when I knew them, and the daughter about twenty three. This daughter always wore super-mini skirts. I could never understand why Muni would let her wear such clothes. "I don't want her to leave us" she said once, without my asking her. The daughter married a Muslim man, and I don't know what happened to her or her appearance after that, although I'm sure it has changed.

Muslim's seem uncharacteristically lenient toward their daughters until they get them married off. The husband is always a Muslim, or a Muslim convert. Then, the duties of a married Muslim woman has to take over, however modern she may seem (like Muni) if she want a harmonious family life. Honor killings are not necessarily for western-fashion attired unmarried girls, but for those who abandon their families for a non-Muslim man, or by conversion to Christianity.

Muni invited me to her home a couple of times. It was a little sparse and conventional for "artists" but I noticed that there were several Islamic paraphernalia, including a koran prominently on a table. After a while, I stopped accepting her invitations (she once started a "friendly" conversation about the Amhara, which I realized was a jab at my Christian background). But that wasn't the real reason I detached myself. I realized that she will always be a Muslim, and that she was reaching out to friendly-looking and friendly-seeming people to inject her Muslim culture, and who will be some kind of ambassadors to relay that image into the larger society.

I don't know what has become of Muni, and her family, but her efforts have not been in vain (not with me, but with Canadians in general). Mosques dot the landscape, Muslim holidays are openly celebrated, hijabed women are on the streets, and any "racist" comments towards Muslims can bring down the iron fist of the Human Rights Commission.

When will the rest of Canada learn?


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Deconstructing and Reconstructing
The First Lady of Power

In my last couple of posts (here and here), I wrote about the militaristic appearance of Michelle Obama in one of the events for her husband's inauguration. The first post was her entering Capitol Hill for the swearing-in ceremony wearing a Thom Browne coat.

A reader, who saw my post at The Thinking Housewife, emailed me to say she looked like something from Star Wars.

I put the Capitol Hill entry photo together with Darth Vader's in a following post, to the approval of the Star Wars afficionada: "Oh my the visual is absolutely perfect!!"

At The Thinking Housewife, Perfesser Plum writes:
I’ve detected a typo in your heading [Michelle Obama: Militant and Girlish]. I’m sure you meant to type,

“Michelle Obama: Militant and Goulish.”

She looks like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix, only more masculine.
Well, above is Michelle with the great company of Darth Vader and Neo.

The Neo reference might be the most pertinent.
MORPHEUS: Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream, Neo? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?[Source]
We could ask the First Lady the same question, who could pass it on to the President.

It is odd that it is so easy to find other "personas" for Michelle Obama. As I wrote in my previous post on her: "We would never have imagined Jill Biden, Laura Bush, Jackie Kennedy, or even the formidable Barbara Bush as Darth Vader or Boris Karloff."

I wonder why that is? All I can conclude is that she is in a place and role so alien to her, that she has to keep reinventing herself to fit the role she thinks she should have. She seems to narrow it down to an ultra-feminine, girlish appearance, or an over-charged militaristic one. Perhaps her real persona is the aggressive militaristic, black power one, where she is following her smart husband's intentions, which he is reticent to disclose to us.


Friday, January 25, 2013

She Looks Like Something From Star Wars

Jeanette Victoria sent me an email on my post First Lady of Power (FLOP?) with this comment:
You know she looks like something from Star Wars.
To which I replied:
Very Funny!
She sends in later:
LOL I also read "jack boots by designer Reed Krakoff" as Boris Karloff LOL [She] does look like some futurist scarey nightmare.
We would never have imagined Jill Biden, Laura Bush, Jackie Kennedy, or even the formidable Barbara Bush as Darth Vader or Boris Karloff.