Thursday, November 01, 2012

Kim Kardashian: Icon For Gossip-Addicted,
Tabloid-Reading Young Girls

Lawrence Auster at the View From the Right (VFR) recently had a post on one of pop culture's (most) over-rated personalities: Kim Kardashian of the infamous Kardashian family. This loud and irritating family gains its fame by doing nothing other than appear at convenient spots to get their photos taken.

Actually, Kardashian had a famous father (or semi-famous). Robert Kardashian was the lawyer who represented O.J. Simpson. But, Kim wasn't satisfied with the luxurious life that case provided for them. She wanted to be famous also. She did a "sex tape" of her intimate activities with her then-boyfriend, a second-rate R&B singer named Ray J. The tape was mysteriously "leaked" to the public, and Kardashian is considered to be the one who released it.

Since then, Kim Kardashian and her brood of sisters have been the main characters in their own "reality show" Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which is still going strong.

There is no mystery for its popularity. It appeals to the gossip-addicted, tabloid-reading young girls of our era. The Kardashian sisters - there are three sisters and two half-sisters - spend their days shopping in designer stores, talking about their boyfriends, fighting with each other, and traveling around various large cities like New York and Miami. Their astute business-minded mother, Kris Jenner, runs the show.

Kim Kardashian, for some reason, is the "star" of the show. Well, she is the least vicious of the group, and better looking. Her sisters spend their days gossiping and backstabbing everyone, and Kim is regularly the brunt of their mean jokes. I think they envy her better looks. But, she is nonetheless as mediocre as them. Her mediocrity was put on display when she went on Dancing With the Stars a few years ago. She had none of the supportive cushioning of her mother, telling her how great she is. Her self-conscious performance earned her the scorn of the judges, and of course the audience, which voted her out early in the show. She was even worse than Bristol Palin.

I should mention that her step-father is Bruce Jenner, an aging athlete who won a gold medal at the 1976 Olympics. He is widely believed to have had plastic surgery on his face. Kris Jenner certainly knows how to catch them!

This businesswoman/whoremonger of a mother manages her children's lives, both as pop culture personalities and as individuals. She lets them parade around on television, using uncouth language and performing coarse acts, for all the world to see. The financial gains must be hugely worth all this.

Kim Kardashian has to "keep up" with being a Kardashian, and has clearly had work done on her face. This is what Lawrence Auster observed on his post:

I only became consciously aware of the person named Kim Kardashian about a year ago, at the time of her "marriage" (remember her marriage?) and its instant break-up. The thing that most struck me about her was her amazing hour-glass figure, so extreme it seemed like something out of ancient myth, and the inevitable question, was it real? Also her face seemed too smooth to be real. Then, last April or May, I saw this photo of her at the Daily Mail, was struck again by the astounding hourglass figure and wondered if it was real.
Below are the photos he posted to compare the "before and after" shots of Kim, after she's had her face done:

I sent an email to VFR saying:
I had an article of Kim Kardashian in my files, and I was going to do just what you did.

One of the points I was going to make is that she is getting all sleeked out, like you say, but she still wants to follow something of the contemporary pop culture.

It is the black-centric obsession of many non-black pop stars.

For example, Kardashian keeps getting married to, and divorcing, black, or mulatto, men.

I think, related to this, is her huge behind, which I think she has had surgically enhanced.

So, today's young women are a mish-mash of their designs, picking up from what they think are the reigning images and groups.
Below are the shots which show Kim all "sleeked out" and with her behind. I think that she does "enhance" her behind, but possibly through exercise and of course by the types of clothes she wears.

I also wrote:
But, one thing that got me to plan a post on Kim Kardashian was her "Asiatic" eyes. I kept thinking it must be her Armenian/Asian background - her father is Armenian. I think you had it figured out that it is the cosmetic surgery, which gives a "cat eye" look!

But, I'm sure if I looked at past photos, as I planned to do, I would have come across her younger look.

Above, comparing Kim with her "cat eye" in 2012, common after effect in plastic surgery, with a photo taken in 2006, with normal eyes.

As a young girl, and in 2011

As a young girl with her father Robert Kardashian

Below is a photo of Kim in a mermaid costume for this Halloween, where she has a blonde wig.

I write to VFR about this image:
Here she is in a blonde wig for Halloween with her black "captain" boyfriend.

Mermaids don't have to be blonde.

Even the popular cartoon mermaid in The Little Mermaid was a red head.
Blonde Mermaid Kim with her Black Captain Kanye