Saturday, November 10, 2012

How Women Contribute to Straying Husbands

Screenshots of Paula Broadwell on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show on
January 25, 2012

With her over-exposed body and her startled "little girl" expression

Larry Auster, at the View From the Right posts on Paula Broadwell and her affair with General Petraeus:
What does it say about our society that the author of a biography of a prominent Army general dressed like this for a TV interview about her book? And what does it say about Petreaus that he agreed to have a type like Broadwell write his biography? Listen to her little-girl voice.
He continues:
How do you square the way she looks in her family photo and the way she looks on the Jon Stewart program? [photo posted below]
Her trashy outfit and little girl voice notwithstanding, I actually found her family photograph far more interesting (there are enough trashy high-powered women with little girl voices all over the media these days, look at the CNN female "reporters").

In the above photo, she is the one who looks older and more adult, and her husband looks like just an older version of his young children. He is dressed in shorts and a casual shirt, whereas Broadwell is much more formal in a well-designed patterned dress (but of course, in the style of modern women, it is cut low to expose her breasts). She is also sitting taller than her slumped husband, giving her more authority than him. Also, their children, following their role model father's slump, are sprawled all over their parents, rather than sitting up straight on the sofa.

Above, she is again with her husband, looking more whorish than wife-like. Again, she looks much older ( or more mature) than her husband, who has the vacant look of a teen-ager.

And on Petraeus himslelf, imagine a reasonably good looking man like General Patraeus having a wife who looks like this?

The sad thing is that Holly Petraeus was attractive and pretty as a young woman. I understand the changes that come with age, but her current hairstyle in a "young" bob looks old and unkempt, full of strands of grey. I also understand that weight gain that comes with age, but why not wear more complementary clothes, rather than the ubiquitous pants that middle aged women seem to think complement their expanding figures? Especially those women who invariably gain all the pounds exactly where the pants accentuate them. I think it is the aggressive feminist ideology that makes women deny their womanhood, and blame everything but themselves when things go astray. Older doesn't have to mean worse.

Mrs. Petraeus in the ubiquitous pants that
accentuate expanding girths

It is enough to make even Godly men stray.

Petraeus and wife recently, and in younger days

The ruined family. Petraeus with his wife and children.
His daughter resembles his younger, happier wife.

A husband who cannot take authority over his family, and a wife who refuses to appear dignified and feminine are quintessential setups to modern family break ups.