Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Who Are The People Who Design These Horrific Video Games?

Image from Call of Duty, the video game Adam Lanza obsessively played in his basement

Everyone is writing about how Adam Lanza was addicted to super-violent, super-realistic video games, and how he used to hole up in his basement room (more like a basement apartment) for hours on end playing these games, and how his mother let him stay there for those hours on end, until the final outburst (she must have known he played these games, since even their plumber knew he played them).

No-one has asked:
Who makes these video games? Where do they get their warped, violent, evil ideas from?

How do they go about their lives after spending hours creating them - drawing them, transforming them to digital images, making video sequences out of them, writing the codes for the game programs so that the games are sophisticated enough that intelligent teenagers won't get bored playing these games day in and day out?

Who promotes these games, after certainly having watched and played them, so that video "gamers" becomes aware of them?

Who writes the blurbs in the back of the videos, or the articles in the magazines, with glowing words?

Why don't stores, whose marketing departments know about their content, ban them from their shelves?
So, we are indeed not innocent in the evils of this world, as Larry Auster writes about the victims of the Connecticut murder spree: "I said that they were not innocent, and that they were not merely innocent victims." The closer we are to evil, the more indifferent we become to it, and worse, we promote and encourage it through the many channels, including the modern commercial system. We no longer become innocent in its midst.

Still, the fascinatingly horrific thing to contemplate is:
Who are these people who design these games, filling them in with the most violent scenarios, engulfing the lives of young teenagers with the most violent, realistic scenarios possible, under the guise of "games"?
Larry Auster starts to answer this question in his various posts at the View From the Right (look at his list "Entries on this page" for the articles).