Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Raised Fist of The Revolutionary-In-Chief

Obama's cleverly uses Michelle's aggression to act like the "good guy." Yet, he is following in his politics the exact same dismantling of white society that Michelle is blatantly advocating. His expression above is a benevolent cringing at the loud vocals probably emitting from Michelle. Yet, she clearly behaves this way because he never tells her to stop. He wants her to behave like this. Their private conversations must be full of raised fists.

I saw this image of the Obamas and their raised fists while searching images on my Michelle Obama "fashion" posts, but I didn't want to detract too much attention away from Michelle's aggressive personality as seen through her clothes.

This is what I wrote about her:
Perhaps her real persona is the aggressive militaristic, black power one, where she is following her smart husband's intentions, which he is reticent to disclose to us.
In an email exchange with Jeanette Victoria, this is what I said about the Obamas:
I can actually see her turning ugly. Is that why Obama is so nice to here - kissing her in public, and all those intimate dances during their parties? And he also needs her irrational (black power) anger, since he's not going there in the same way. He's smartly sticking to "politics."
And in an email to Laura Wood of The Thinking Housewife I wrote:
By the way, Jeanette's Star Wars analogy with Michelle's entrance sparked my follow up post on Michelle. And there is much there besides a pictorial one (e.g. Obama's underlying aggression, and Michelle as his female Captain).
The email conversation with Jeanette turned to evil characters in current films (I had done a blog post on a film referencing Little Red Riding Hood and which turned into some kind of were-wolf rapist story.

Jeanette writes:
Check out Lost Girl it's a Canadian show.
I replied:
I missed that! Actually, I don't have the cable channel Showcase.

So this is one of those girly, super-heroine, "mysterious" beings, who just wants "The Truth." And Good for the world! I wonder when the wolf (the bad white male) will show up. Of course if he shows up as a black male, she would forgive him, and even hook up with him, as Larry Auster keeps showing us.
Laura has this image up in a post which she titles The Revolution Lives.

James N., a reader of her site writes:
They [the Republicans] are constantly stuck down in the weeds arguing details, details about which Obama cares not at all. Obama is a visionary, he has his eyes on the prize (the destruction of America), and for him all the twists and turn of the political process are simply means to an end.
James N. is being sarcastic when he calls Obama "a visionary." But I think Obama takes his role of changing America, and he surely calls himself "A Revolutionary."